Yoff Tales – a very short preview

First off – I said many moons ago that I was going to blog about my stay in Senegal. It has taken some time to materialize and the main reason is that I was busy figuring out what the heck I should be writing about. Household tales are usually interesting only for close friends and relatives and my flat is sufficiently small that a series of domestic stories would be exhausted early on. Besides, how often I dust my floor (daily, because of the inordinate amount of tiny grains that fly in through the window) is of little interest. But then I did not want to become your all-knowing pretentious bore giving you the all-embracing insight into…well, the country or even the entire continent. How many books do you know that have “AFRICA” in the title? I have no intention to add yet another one.

So finally, then, I have settled for something that falls neatly in between the over-pretentious and the far too tiny. Sorry for the delay. It sounds terribly logical with hindsight but getting there was a bit of a tortuous route. Anyway, it’s settled now. Enjoy!


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