Music and another city

Off to Saint Louis up in the North and Baaba Maal’s music festival.

We’re in list making mode – so I’ll offer you mine. It consists of one item and I made a prediction some ten months ago that this would become album of the year.

And so it is. Ethiopian jazz veteran Mulatu Astatqe (the living breathing definition of “cool”)  with the wonderfully eclectic London group The Heliocentrics. The album’s called Inspiration Information (number three of a the series on Stonesthrow Records).

Just listen to the first tune, where this lot manage to throw Ethiopian chants, funk, a whiff of Herbie Hancock, wild electric guitars, a cello (!) and an irresistible pulse in a whirling six and a half minutes’ mix. Breathtaking stuff even after 100 plus plays. It never bores – and that’s only for starters.

Here’s some more Mulatu Astatqe and the Heliocentrics to enjoy. Inspiration Information!


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