Oumar runs the only decent CD shop in Senegal and it’s in Saint Louis. His CD stand changes little. For five years, Miles Davis’ On The Corner has been sitting atop his modest but cool collection of jazz CDs (Coltrane among them).

music man

Still, he’s got most of the latest and best music in store. (And if you’re looking for an artist to interview, chances are that he’s got their number…)

So what have I taken home this time?

Omar Pene’s new acoustic album, Ndam. An absolute must. ‘It’s too good,’ as Oumar always says when he likes an album.

An old Baaba Maal release, only locally available. He’s also has a new local one, coinciding with “Television”, but that one’s not out yet.

New music by the highly talented Ablaye Cissokho, from Saint Louis, who mixed jazz trumpet with kora on his first album and has gone a bit more poppy this time – but still good.

The African Jazz Project. A refreshing jazz project featuring (among others) French sax player Philippe Sellam and the incredible balafon player Ali Keita. Also features vocals, drums, percussion, bass, fula flute – nice.

Thanks Oumar, once again…


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