The city, the sky…no lights!

Dakar power cut

First acquisition upon arrival here: a largish, battery-powered lamp. Made in China, of course. The reputation of the national electricity utility, Senelec, has plummeted even further with more power cuts than ever. Three times a day for hours on end, it’s now common. One of the Senelec offices is right across the street; expect windows to be smashed soon – once again. It’s not the engineers trying to keep an obsolete system going; it’s the management, political appointees with no interest in the company. So once again….

home, last night

Still, there’s plenty of sun to compensate for the lack of artificial light, one would think. And yes, there is. Dakar’s warming up nicely. But this is how the sky ordinarily looks towards sunset…

From my window, between 6 and 7pm

Pollution has one advantage, a former geography teacher used to say, beautiful sunsets…

Fumes, smoke, sand and dust: the air we breathe. And it’s a spectacle. Dakar has some 2.5m inhabitants; this is projected to increase to 4.7m in some 20 years’ time. The future is clear (or should that be murky): more power cuts and more of this:

Skies over Yoff

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