Max Usufa

Reggae man from Senegal. Combines an arresting stage presence with real pleasant charm. Starting to make waves here in Dakar. Working on a clip, a first single, concerts, hopefully an international tour, an album and a bit of promotion.

Which he richly deserves. Have a look at his myspace page and spread the word.

(And this, sadly, is my last entry from Dakar but I will keep the blog going for two reasons. Number one: I’ll be back in Dakar!  (And I honestly can’t wait sitting here at my desk, writing this and looking at the Yoff skyline and thinking this will be far away very very soon….)

Number two: I still have to give you those musings on music. Which I will. And with the festival summer season coming up there will definitely be plenty to talk about.

And number three: there’s enough stuff floating around in my head, on bits of paper, notebooks (including this computer) to keep writing.

Meanwhile, I do hope you have enjoyed it so far. Next entry: from Amsterdam….!)

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  1. ans Says:

    Dear Bram,
    Thanks for the “input”; it has been informative and nice to read as wel!
    I’am looking forward to read your “storys” in the close future.


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