Quick one – Relentless… resumes shortly

But this is quite stunning…

Remember that Global Festival of the Black Arts, Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres, last month? No, you probably don’t, since it ended December 31st and few outside the circle of the organisers had heard about it. Anyway, here’s a link.


Let’s look away from the massive amount of money wasted on AppleMacs, luxury cars, contracts to chums of the Royal Family. This happens everywhere.

No. Let’s take a look at some of the people who have made this whole thing possible.

The technicians on and off the stage, who worked up to 20 hours a day (and sometimes longer) to prepare the stage, get the sounds and the lights and everything else right.

Tell you what? They haven’t been paid. It was promised – but they haven’t been paid.

The hostesses, ready smiles, troubleshooters, standing outside calming irate visitors because yet another conference had been called off…Working hours could be anything up to 12 hours, sometimes more.

Tell you what? They haven’t been paid. It was promised – but they haven’t been paid.

And yesterday, local daily Le Populaire tells us that the folks of the communications department, who had to deal with ill-tempered journalists who needed their accreditation like yesterday, the folks who had to tell the rest of the visitors about the never-ending changes in the programme…

Tell you what? No, this is getting boring. Now, read this instead…


A word to the organisers. Don’t talk – ever again! – about this having been a celebration of Black Arts or the African Renaissance and all the rest of your flowery phrase-turning – when you cannot be bothered to pay your own people who have worked and worked and worked and worked and worked some more…

You ought to be utterly ashamed of yourselves. But you probably aren’t.



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