I just found this in my inbox. And I’m not going to tell you where it is from. . Just read it, slowly. I have taken out the bits that add no info. See if you can still get to the end of it…

Alright, here we go.

“Over the last twenty years, increasing numbers of women from the African island of Madagascar have begun to use marriage as a strategy for migrating to France. (…) In many cases, the men they marry are disadvantaged on the marriage market because of their rural occupations and have thus chosen to find a bride in Madagascar. (…) this seminar investigates the dynamics of race and gender that play out within these marriages (…) women who come from Madagascar use a strategic form of gendered essentialism that plays on, but also domesticates, the racially hierarchical colonial past. Precisely because they have some of the forms of sociality and gendered skills that these metropolitan men lack and they are often seen as being ‘sweet’ and ‘hard workers’, these women are ‘incorporable’. Yet such strategies do not always work, as some French families also seek to extract women’s labour without fully incorporating them in ways that give women social benefits. (…)


So in short: rural French men have a problem on the marriage market because French women consider them worthless scum. The men find brides abroad who mainly use them as a ticket to get into France and/or a meal ticket. Smart. Sometimes that works, sometime it doesn’t.

True to form, the researcher (like the French women before her) considers the rural men irrelevant to the world, although they manage to get magically promoted from “rural” to “metropolitan” in the space of half a paragraph…

But seriously……..

It used to be said that every African family has the following members: mother, father, children, other relatives and a French anthropologist. There was a time when anthropology was used as a moderately scientific prop for colonialism. In the past half century, colonial attitudes morphed into “development aid”. What the two have in common is the argument that the natives must first be studied and then improved.

But I am seriously……..

………seriously! puzzled by this. This is clearly something produced by (and I quote a memorable quote) the Department of Duh, University of the Bleeding Obvious in Noshitsherlocksville. So, who, apart from the academic who will no doubt further her career on the back of this groundbreaking research, will have any use for this?

French metropolitan women will continue to regard rural men as useless and not fit for a relationship with their infinitely superior selves.

Marginalised French rural/”metropolitan” men will continue to look for brides outside of France. Makes sense. If no-one around you wants you, you look elsewhere, right?

Foreign women will welcome the advances of French rural/”metropolitan” men because it serves their interests. There might even be luuurrrrvvve involved. Stranger things have happened…

See? That’s why you need journos. They’ll sort this sh!t out for you double quick and no-one wastes any time. Happy reading! I’m off to the bookstore.


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  1. Ruben Says:

    hahaha, you are hillarious!

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