The view.


The man who runs this place after his uncle passed away last year keeps calling it “The Switzerland of Africa”. Now, I could be following the Swiss founding father of Dutch Protestantism and provide you with a fine demonstration of tight-arsed guilt. This I would achieve by showing you this pic over a caption containing some back-handed remark, as in: ‘…I shouldn’t really be enjoying this but yea, I suppose the view was not bad…’.

But I will do the opposite and tell you this: for four beautiful days, this is what I saw when I drew the curtains of room 5 at the SIB Hotel, in Dalaba, Guinea. Glorious. And that’s not even mentioning the fresh mountain air when opening the windows…

Here’s another one…

The hotel terrace, as seen from my window

Thought you’d like them! More on this nostalgia-filled town in another installment.

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