Senegal’s football crisis

Two games in the African Nations Cup and one of the favourites can start packing their bags. What’s wrong with Senegal? I can’t be the only one thinking that I have not seen two football games but two theatre pieces. Here were eleven and a few football players trying very hard (and in my view not succeeding) that they cared about national pride on the football pitch.

I can’t lay my finger on it yet but the way the Senegalese squad were playing – bar a few moments – looked decidedly…disinterested. Word in my restaurant, here in Yoff: it’s all about the money and for that they go to Europe. Another word in the restaurant: it’s all the coach’s fault. Might be – but both don’t seem to cover only a part of the story.

So I don’t think we have heard the last about this debacle any time soon. But something’s not right. Oh and by the way: Football Federation’s building is around the corner from here. I’ll go and check the windows…


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